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As the name states, AntiDuplicate creates a hardware key for any executable file. The USB drive is encrypted before creation, so it is impossible to copy it, but it can be used as a secure USB device.

Practical and efficient, this software is highly recommended for programmers.

Simple and straightforward interface, so it is easy to use, even for non-programmers.

Compatible with all operating systems.

Able to create hardware keys for practically all programs.


You cannot add more than 11 characters to the label.

Many of the settings are not detailed or are considered for advanced users.

No work around to remove protection.

Other users’ reviews:


If you are not able to remove a key from the hardware of your PC, then this program can help. This USB drive, if removed, will render your PC unable to start, you will not be able to work with any data you have on it, and this has happened to me several times. When I unplug this USB key, I get an error message that the USB device was blocked and can no longer work properly. If you have a second PC, then this USB key can also be used to protect it.


Protects any files on the USB drive, including folders and subfolders.

Supports any language, just install the program on your computer.

Very easy to use.

Easy to download and install.


The program makes it simple and easy to protect your PC.

Very easy to use.


The program may cause issues if you are not able to remove the protection on your PC.


I found it too complicated to use it and required a bit of configuration. The program itself is also quite complicated to use. When you first open the program you get a window with a progress bar and a bunch of buttons. The buttons contain the basic functions of the program and are simple to use, but if you want to use any of the advanced features, you have to find and click on them from the list. I also found it very difficult to configure the settings and set the program to be the startup application. And what’s more, I could not start the USB key without it as I had to manually add a product key that I got from the manufacturer.

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Syntax: [:macro] KeyName:value
As an example: [:macro] SelectGroup:BOOKMARK
To create a new bookmark, simply press «Ctrl» + «B» (Windows) or «Cmd» + «B» (Mac) keys. To view a list of existing bookmarks, press «Ctrl» + «F» (Windows) or «Cmd» + «F» (Mac) keys. You can remove a bookmark by pressing «Ctrl» + «Shift» + «B» (Windows) or «Cmd» + «Shift» + «B» (Mac) keys.
Name of the bookmark.
For example: Bookmark:1, Bookmark:2
For Bookmark Manager options, see Chapter 3. For other options, see Options. You can specify an alias, if you want. For example: Alias:foo.
Value of the bookmark. For example: 1, 2
Use : if you need to create multiple bookmarks.
[:macro] L:Bookmark
[:macro] L:2
[:macro] U:Bookmark
[:macro] U:1, 2
[:macro] a:Bookmark
[:macro] a:a, b
[:macro] a:L
Use : to add the bookmark to the specified tag.
[:macro] R:Bookmark a:3
[:macro] R:Bookmark a:L
[:macro] A:Bookmark a:U
[:macro] A:Bookmark a:R
Use : to remove the specified bookmark.
[:macro] S:3
[:macro] S:2
You cannot specify a number.
[:macro] S:Bookmark
Options allow you to define options for this macro. You may have already used the following options in the bookmarks list or in the Bookmark Manager.
[:macro] Options:
Use : to create a new bookmark.
Use : to create a new bookmark, with a specified name.
Use : to create a new bookmark, but don’t specify the value.
Use : to create a bookmark, but don’t specify the name.
Use : to create a new bookmark


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