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KEYMACRO (Key Macro Explorer) enables users to quickly and easily create customizable, unique auto-execute macros. Macros are programs that can be used to automate repetitive tasks, opening, closing, saving and printing windows, generating documents and more.
Macros can be used to make your life easier, especially when the task performed by the user is repeated daily or weekly. For instance, you can create a macro that automatically generates the purchase order for your business, open and print the document, send it to the accountant or the bank and save it.
In addition to this, you can assign them to the windows that you have on your screen and quickly open them by pressing a single keyboard key.
Macros work with any window, even if it is minimized. Furthermore, you can specify the functions to be executed as the user interacts with the window.
KEYMACRO allows the user to configure macros in a variety of ways and to use shortcuts and visual cues to perform the tasks. You can generate an unlimited number of macros and activate them using the hotkeys that you find in any Windows keyboard. You can assign macros to keys, controls or window buttons.
You can save your macros to a file, create a user name and password to protect them, configure automatic execution, backup your configurations or activate a ‘frequent’ option.
KEYMACRO is not just a macro editor, but also an object library and a visual editor to create, save and edit macros. You can preview your macro on the fly and create them directly from a window.
You can also control your macros remotely and send your macros to external devices such as smart phones and tablets, without having to use any external software.
KEYMACRO’s interface is very simple and intuitive, making it easy to manage your macros.
KEYMACRO includes the following features:
– Create unlimited macros
– Key bindings
– Object library
– Visual editor
– Import macros from other applications
– Full customization
– Macro rules
– Options and alarms
– Backup and restore
– Send macros to external devices
– Control macros remotely
– Backup and restore
– Export macros to a file
– Auto-run macros on exit
– Macro settings
– Key control and visual cue
– Frequent macro
– Support for Windows XP
– Support for Windows 2000 and Windows Vista
– Support for Windows 8
– Support for Windows 7
– Support for Windows 10
Keymacro (KEYMACRO Key Macro Exploder) 70238732e0

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Whether for large companies or small businesses, our objective is simple: to provide you with a freeware software that can help you simplify the process of decoding and encrypting data, thanks to a special mix of functions and quality software.
This is a compilation of the several languages we currently have in our disposal, including our own, the native and the universal. What we are trying to achieve with this mix is to improve the flexibility, as well as the user experience, of our computer software by also considering the needs and situations of our clientele.
There are two major focuses with KEYMACRO. Firstly, we have the free version that you can use to test our services. Our free version allows you to encode and decrypt files and entire folders, as well as their content, which is separated into plain and encrypted copies. If you’re looking to test our services, our free version is definitely the way to go.
But there’s also the paid version of KEYMACRO, which is particularly focused on using our services for file decryption and protection. So, if you need to encrypt and decode your files to protect them or to better share them with colleagues, using our services is an easy, fast and reliable solution.
You will not be able to decrypt data or files if you don’t use the encryption certificate we will provide you. The second aspect of our services is the professional support that we offer. Our engineers will help you with any technical problem that may occur and also take note of any existing issues with your system. We will help you to decrypt and encrypt your data efficiently and successfully.
The files will be stored in secure places that we will provide you with and the encryption certificate that we will provide you with will allow you to decode and encrypt those specific files. You will be able to decrypt those specific files and folders with the security certificate that we will provide you with.
When you will have our services installed, you will be able to decrypt and encrypt your files with ease and you can continue to do that even if you will have a new, fresh installation. The files will be kept safe and there will be no need to worry about hacking or security problems.
What you will be able to do with the premium version of KEYMACRO is:
• Use the encoder to encode data into files.
• Use the decoder to decode files into the original text that they contain.
• Create and decrypt files or folders.
• Encrypt files or folders.


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