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The KEYMACRO program is an Excel spreadsheet that can quickly and easily decrypt the values in password protected cells. To begin, you simply press the button to enter a password that will be displayed on the form. Once entered, you can then edit the individual values by pressing the cell or a group of cells. For instance, you can press the R key to access the numbers row. You can also convert the value of a password protected cell to plain text by using the H key.
MathEMU Description:
MathEMU is a stand-alone application that comes with formulas and VBA code for Math. Once the application is loaded, you can access the formulas and VBA code by using the F5 key. You can create new formulas and VBA code by pressing the Create new formula or Create new VBA button. Once the new formula or VBA code is created, you can edit it by pressing the F5 key again.
Excel Password Desciption:
This program is used to retrieve passwords that are stored in Excel. Once a password is entered and the security settings are activated, you can retrieve the value by pressing the button. This application can be used to retrieve passwords from any workbook, even if it is password protected.
Mini Wizard Description:
Mini Wizard is an Excel spreadsheet application that helps you enter data into your Excel spreadsheets, while automatically calculating and formatting dates. To begin, you simply press the Enter button and the values are entered. Once you are finished, the program calculates the dates, formats the cell and displays it. The program can also determine the balance from the previous and current cells and display this information. The program automatically generates reports and can be used for tracking or inventory. You can also use the program to create graphs and diagrams.
Password Master Description:
Password Master is an Excel spreadsheet application that enables you to protect Excel spreadsheets from unauthorized access. You enter a password and the program stores it. Once the security settings are activated, you cannot access any of the information by typing. You can edit the values by pressing the F5 key. Once you are finished, the data is converted to plain text. The program can be used to secure any Excel file and to protect the values within.
Customize Columns Description:
Customize Columns is an Excel spreadsheet that allows you to change the width of columns in your worksheets. You can have up to 10 different columns by pressing the buttons to select the width of each column. Once they are set 70238732e0

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1. Equation function:Solve, UnSolve, Solve, UnSolve, Expand, Simplify, etc.
2. Math branches:Algebra, Trigonometry, Logarithms
3. Formula record in library:Text, Symbols, Numbers, Arrays, Signals, Variables, Signals, Formulas, Expressions, Equations, etc.
4. Display settings:Symbol type, Number type, Digit type, Precision, Number of digits, Decimal points, etc.
5. Help function:Get help, Get help for specific function, Set help window as first window, etc.
6. Options function:Options (exit), Help (exit), Save (exit), Load (exit), Update (exit), Update version, Display version

17*d – 9. Let s(m) = m**3 + 15*m**2 + 14*m + 4. Let x be s(-14). Suppose x*o = o – 3. Calculate the remainder when q(o) is divided by 2.
Let w = 134 – 12. Let o = w + -105. Suppose -3*l – 12 = -z – o, 3*z + 5*l = 49. Calculate the remainder when 56 is divided by z.
Suppose -2*u + 3*u – 4*s + 6 = 0, -u – 3*s = -6. Suppose -4*n + u*o = 2*o – 116, 3*n + 2*o = 78. Calculate the remainder when n is divided by 11.
Let z = -105 – -164. Suppose -t – z = -2*t. Calculate the remainder when t is divided by 11.
Suppose -4*z – 5*c = -39, 5*c – 4 = z + 2. Suppose z*j + 4 = j. Calculate the remainder when j*-1*177/6 is divided by 14.
Let s(d) = -d**3 – 4*d**2 + 6*d + 12. What is the remainder when 31 is divided by s(-5)?
Let j be 1/3*(1 + -1). Suppose 4*a – 4*c + 6*c – 38 = 0, –


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