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Mac OS X and Windows. Keymacro Allows you to input text into application by simply tapping the device’s keyboard. It allows you to type at the speed of the palm in any application, text editing and screen keyboards are no longer a hindrance, the user can forget the clunky keyboard and concentrate on typing. Keymacro also features an extremely fast scrolling speed, fast and easy scrolling due to the pressure on the device screen.
The keyboard is enabled by a simple click in the keyboard of the application (a device does not need to be turned on). When you click on the keyboard, you can follow an image with your finger to navigate between the keys of the keyboard. The interface is simple and no special settings are required. You can easily use in any application with any interface.
Keymacro uses a library that works on both Mac and PC.
Keymacro has some limitations, it does not support editing the layout of the keyboard, so if you want to change the order of the keys, you must do so from the user interface. Also, the library is limited to a small number of devices, devices that have a screen keyboard and keyboards with a key of the same size as the keyboard.
During our tests, we noticed some problems with the internal logic of the application, its response time can be slow, especially when scrolling through menus or using the contextual menu. Moreover, if the cursor is on the screen, clicking the keyboard does not register, and can produce misclicks.
IMPORTANT!: We have been able to run Keymacro with a process number of 1048. This means that the developer could put limitations in the future on the maximum process that could be registered, we advise you to get to the next version of Keymacro or to check if there are any updates for Keymacro.
Currently, for Mac, only supports PCs running Windows 2000, XP and Vista. Macs supported:
MacBook Air
MacBook Pro
Mac mini
MacBook Pro
Mac Pro
For Windows, Mac OS X supported:
MacBook Air
MacBook Pro
Mac mini
MacBook Pro
Mac Pro
Touchpad supported:
IMPORTANT!: Touchpads usually can not be used for keypresses in applications with external input ( 70238732e0

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■ Drag to fit image size
■ Drag to navigate between pages
■ Click to start video
■ Click to next page
■ Click to previous page
■ Click to back to start of video
■ Click to previous video
■ Click to next video
■ Click to exit
■ Click to exit full screen
The star ingredients to feed the whole family and the most requested recipes are of course included in the Arabic cuisine eBook

Lentil Stew, Fattoush, Falafel, Hummus & Ta’amia
«Lentil Stew»
Lentil Stew is a Middle Eastern classic that is easy to make & sure to impress your guests. It’s creamy and filling with lots of flavours, easy to cook and take with you to all of your parties. Make sure to try this recipe!

Hummus & Falafel
Hummus is a dish that is a must in every Middle Eastern/Arabic household. Falafel is a small ball of deep fried pita bread that is stuffed with spicy fava beans, onions, tomatoes and spices. You can make falafel at home and it tastes the same as the ones from the stalls.


Middle Eastern Cuisine: Fatayer, Baflouk, Tabbouleh & Baloush
Discover the traditional and authentic dishes from Middle Eastern cuisine, with our range of recipes for:
Fatayer (or Babagool), A Middle Eastern dish that consists of cracked wheat flatbreads, served with a fresh salad made of cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, lemon and olive oil
Baflouk, This breadlike flatbread is made from cracked wheat, containing no refined flour.
Tabbouleh, This traditional dish from Lebanon is made of parsley, onions and green leaves.
Baloush, A breakfast dish that contains fresh leaves, a creamy topping and vegetables.


Middle Eastern Cuisine: Hummus & Falafel
Hummus is a staple dish in the Middle East and it’s easy to make at home. Falafel is a small ball of deep fried pita bread that is stuffed with spicy fava beans, onions, tomatoes and spices. You can make falafel at home and it tastes the same as the ones from the stalls.


Traditional Middle


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