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KEYMACRO is a professional event management application. It has many features that make event managers happy.
KEYMACRO is a fully featured solution for event planning and management. It includes components for the planning, management, and publication of events.
It is an indispensable application for anyone that plans and manages events, regardless of size. It includes everything needed to manage an event on the go, from day of the week schedules and raffle tickets, to finding venues, speakers, sponsors, and more.
If you’re looking for a solution that combines flexible planning with a full set of tools and features for managing and publishing your event, KEYMACRO is the application for you.
– Schedules and Raffle Ticket System
KeyMacro is a full featured event management application that includes a set of tools and features for planning and management of events.
It comes with a scheduler module that has many features and different ways to view and edit schedules. It also includes a raffle ticket system that allows you to generate the tickets, administer the raffle, and manage the tickets.
KeyMacro comes with a complete set of event templates and pre-built event templates that you can customize and use in your events.
If you want to add new content to your event, you can use the “Asset Manager” to add images, videos, logos, and more. You can also create new event templates in order to manage your event.
Once you have all the necessary elements, you can easily publish your event by using KeyMacro’s integrated media library.
– Digital Signage
KeyMacro can be used to create digital signage templates. It comes with a digital display template to use in your applications, as well as customizable templates that you can use to create your own.
You can insert images, videos, social media information, and other media that you want to display on your digital display. It includes a neat module that allows you to create different types of calendars. You can view, change, and edit all the elements of the calendar.
– Integration with Google Drive
You can easily and seamlessly connect your KeyMacro documents with Google Drive, so you can easily manage all your data in one place.
Once connected, you can access your documents in Google Drive and make any changes, right in KeyMacro.
– Web Publishing
Publishing your documents in the Web helps you to easily share all your documents with others, either using the native web browser 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO is a Windows application designed to record keystrokes with a timing interval. It allows you to set the number of characters or symbols which are displayed every time you press a key. The type of symbols and the size of the font are configurable. Once the recording begins, it can be stopped, deleted, and resumed later. This is extremely useful for helping students and teachers complete written assignments by recording the process of typing them. You can also use it for creating macros which can be repeated later. The software’s interface is minimalist. You can change the number of characters displayed for each keystroke, as well as their type. The latter can be selected from a menu or be assigned by customizing their size. If you want, you can also choose to display the characters one by one, or replace them with a given symbol. You can also set the interval between keystrokes, as well as use a menu or hotkey to start or stop recording.

Product Reviews

What’s New:
* New: Optimized software by adding more hotkeys.
* New: Window now remains resizable after each macro is executed
* New: Option to change the size of the hotkeys.
* New: Option to change the statusbar color.
* New: Support for ‘on key’ macros.
* New: There are now more default hotkeys available.
* New: There are now more default hotkeys available.

Macworld Rating

[4.5 out of 5 stars]

Customer Reviews

The first version of Keymacro was great, but the third version is not equal to the two previous versions. Is not the reason for releasing a new version, the reason is that his version 6 is now compatible with windows 8 and 10.

I use this to check spelling of a word on a sentence, but it does not work. I use the option «replace characters» and try to type the word, it works for one time, but not for a new work. Now I cannot use this software

J. Gallardo

i need a key to open a program on my pc

I can use for my sister laptop. But she uses windows 7. I use windows 10. I can use it. But she can not. The key or an option must be the same. Or we will have problems. She can use it. I can’t.


This is a great program,


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