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KEYMACRO Audio Engine
Xeno: Universal Audio Engine
HALO: Universal Audio Engine

This was a very nice headphone amp. It sounded good, clean and powerful. I am sold on it after my first listening. I had a lot of fun setting up my music and then listening to everything and also comparing them. It was a «must have». I would highly recommend this amp to any of my friends. Its a great deal for the price.
If anyone wants to test this amp (it would be a good review) send me an email at: bobinsideman0@yahoo.com
Take care.
Bob S.

On 27 October 2017, Audioforest responded:

Audeze XO2:

XO2 DAC: Audeze High-End DAC

XO2: Audeze High-End Headphone Amplifier

This amp was designed for small to medium sized rooms, for headphones, to compliment your DAC or streamer.

This sounds amazing in a medium sized room. It’s small, lightweight and easy to install, 3 times more powerful than a typical headphone amp.

This would be a great upgrade for any system. The XO2 would be used for all the music listened to.

I love the results I am hearing now. I even like the pink one with orange. I did have to turn the volume up on this amp, but that’s not a problem.

I highly recommend this amplifier.

6 Responses to My Thoughts on the XO2

Oh Bob, I’m pretty sure this amp was never up for review. I’m surprised you found it given you claimed you weren’t able to contact them.

Bob, you are a great reviewer and that’s how you should be reviewing and reviewing people. This was one of the best sounding amplifiers I’ve heard so far for a lot less money, and you know I love quality.

I bought one of these and it’s great! Some of the reviews seemed to be biased, but I was a little concerned because I didn’t have a lot of music experience and I don’t know how to get the best sound, and I didn’t want to be disappointed. I went with the XO2 over the P5 because I really liked the way it sounded. The P 70238732e0

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When the mouse button is pressed, the interface screen goes black, and a flashing black mouse cursor appears.
After that, the GUI screen will be shown. At this moment, you can assign a keymacro to a mousebutton (the number of the mousebutton is the first argument to the macro).
If the Mousebutton has no keymacro assigned, the mousebutton will be inactive. If a keymacro is assigned, the mousebutton will be activated when this macro is called.
There is no delay between the keymacro and the mousebutton.
If there are only two argument for the macro, the second argument (the key to be used) is the string to be passed to the key macro.
You may also pass the string in the same argument position as the first argument.
The string may have any characters, but no special characters like punctuation, etc.
If the string is less than 2 characters, the second argument will be ignored.
The first argument is the keymacro name.
For example:
Left MouseButton: `W3-23 @ C-A»
Left MouseButton: `( W3-23 ^ C-A`

Simulation Options:
The simulation options may be changed at any time, from the Options dialog.
There are various settings to control the simulation, including the number of creatures in the world, the distance to which creatures must travel for a generation, and the distance from the creatures to the observer.
In addition, several environmental options are available, such as reducing or eliminating gravity, and applying forces to the creatures.
Creation Options:
The creation options are controlled in the Options dialog, including how the new creature is created, what its gender is, the name it is given, the size and color of its eyes, and the speed with which it makes its first movement.
Each of the options can be adjusted with sliders, and an additional option is provided for each slider to give a grid to mark out the range of values that may be entered.
The «Creation Options» box is initially set up to «Default.»
When there is a new creature to create, click on the «New Creature» button to bring up a standard creation dialogue box.
Go to the «User Options» tab, and make changes to the settings for the creature.
When you click on the save button, the settings will be saved and the new creature will be placed in the world


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