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* Compatible with TAdvAppStyler and TAdvFormStyler
* Fully-compatible with both TAdvAppStyler and TAdvFormStyler
* Compatible with TAdvSmoothProgress
* Compatible with TAdvSmoothToolbar and TAdvSmoothTabControl
* Highly customizable options
* Adheres to a material design
* Fully compatible with mouse events, keyboard events, and HTML5 events
* Has a data-aware version
* Contains an example project
Supported Components:
Visual Components:
* TAdvSmoothTimeLine
* TAdvSimpleSlider
* TAdvSlider
* TAdvSwitch
* TAdvButton
* TAdvToggleButton
* TAdvToolbar
* TAdvTabControl
* TAdvToolStrip
* TAdvProgressBar
* TAdvRadioButton
* TAdvCheckBox
* TAdvDataGrid
* TAdvGridView
* TAdvListView
* TAdvListViewItem
* TAdvGridViewHeader
* TAdvGridViewFooter
* TAdvFormStyler
* TAdvEditForm
* TAdvForm
* TAdvFormCustomization
* TAdvTextBox
* TAdvRichTextBox
* TAdvLabel
* TAdvDateTimePicker
* TAdvLabelPicker
* TAdvDatePicker
* TAdvTimePicker
* TAdvTimePicker24
* TAdvTimePicker24Hour
* TAdvSlider
* TAdvSliderBar
* TAdvSliderBarNumeric
* TAdvSliderNumeric
* TAdvSimpleSlider
* TAdvSimpleSliderBar
* TAdvSimpleSliderBarNumeric
* TAdvSimpleSliderNumeric
* TAdvProgressBar
* TAdvProgressBarNumeric
* TAdvProgressBarBar
* TAdvProgressBarBarNumeric
* TAdvSwitch
* TAdvSwitchBar
* TAdvSwitchBarNumeric
* TAdvSwitchBarNumeric
* TAdvTextBox
* TAdvTextBoxNumeric
* TAdvSimpleTextBox
* TAdvSimpleTextBoxNumeric
* TAdvDatePicker
* TAdvDatePickerBar
* TAdvDatePickerBarNumeric
* TAdvDatePickerNumeric
* TAdvTimePicker 70238732e0

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The «QuickGraph» package is an open-source (MIT license).Net 2.0 + serialization-friendly framework for creating and manipulating graph data structures and algorithms. QuickGraph is designed to be very generic and has the following features:
Open source.
Library for.Net 2.0 and up (due to.Net 2.0, you’ll need to use the «quick» name for the package, like «quick-graph.lib», while «quick» is the original name).
Serialization of graph data structures / algorithms.
Modular design, so you can use the parts you want and not the entire graph.
Very extensible design, so you can easily add functionality.
Simple API, so you can easily write graph algorithms and serialize them.
Full.Net 2.0 compliance.
MSAGL, GLEE, and Graphviz support.
What is MSAGL?
The Microsoft A* Graphical Language is the leading hierarchical pathfinding algorithm for isometric, 3D, and 2D graphics. GLEE is an open-source implementation of the A* algorithm which supports both native and procedural isometric, 3D, and 2D graphics, and which can be used for pathfinding in addition to maze solving.
We implemented MSAGL in.NET. MSAGL is a superset of GLEE. GLEE supports procedural graphics but MSAGL is much more powerful and supports custom isometric, 3D, and 2D graphics as well.
Example: How to build a graph from a text file:
string strFileName = «Your file name»;
Graph MyGraph = new Graph();
// do something with MyGraph
Example: How to draw a graph using GLEE:
Example: How to draw a graph using MSAGL:
using System.IO;
// a.jpg file example.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

namespace QuickGraph.Example
public class Program
public static Graph MyGraph;



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