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Key Macro is a keyboard shortcut manager that simplifies your everyday life.
For example, if you press Alt-1, you open the first tab in your browser, if you press Alt-2 you open the second tab in your browser and so on.
That’s not all, if you want to move the windows around in the OS, it’s quite easy to do with a simple keyboard shortcut too.
Alt-3 takes you to the third tab, Alt-4 brings the forth tab and so on.
It’s pretty much the most simple keyboard shortcut manager in the world.
On top of that, you can customize each keyboard shortcut you need and install your own file that will add all the keyboard shortcuts you want in just one click.
This is a very simple program that does what it does well and offers many options, even when it comes to the installation, meaning you won’t need any professional knowledge to use it.
KEYMACRO uses up less than 3 Mb of space on your PC and you can get it here.
Mausenza – Video Converter Description:
Mausenza is an easy-to-use application that converts your videos and audio to and from any media format you like, fast and with no quality loss.
As we all know, almost every application should offer a conversion function, but the fact is that most of them can only convert a limited number of formats.
Mausenza, on the other hand, comes with more than 1000 conversion profiles, so you will find plenty of formats that you can convert.
Mausenza also has a smart “quick” mode that allows you to convert your media file as fast as possible with almost no quality loss.
Another interesting feature is the ability to create your own conversion profile, so you can create your own conversion profiles in just a few clicks.
Mausenza is a very advanced application that does what it does well and offers many options, even when it comes to the installation, meaning you won’t need any professional knowledge to use it.
Mausenza uses up less than 3 Mb of space on your computer and you can get it here.
PerfectEdge Description:
PerfectEdge is a handy program that enables you to view and manage all the information found in a computer system.
It allows you to see Windows errors, change their severity and description, also it shows system parameters, such as the total amount of 70238732e0

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Keymacro is a self-contained, password recovery program for Windows computers. Keymacro’s password recovery engine takes advantage of many of the most recent Microsoft operating system improvements and breaks passwords in many ways.
One of the biggest problems with the current Windows password is the fact that password hash algorithms do not create a good hash (remember salt & pepper?) of passwords. This means that a hacker who takes over a computer can look up the username/password hash in a database and obtain a usable password and then lock the user out of the computer or do whatever else the hacker wants with the machine.
Keymacro uses many different techniques to break down password hashes. These techniques include cracking the MD5, SHA, DES, Blowfish, and Crypt algorithms.
«The Microsoft password recovery service had to be disabled to allow Keymacro to work in conjunction with it.»
Keymacro now includes a helper utility to assist in recovering passwords from the User Account Control dialog box. This tool is called accountpasswordrecovery.exe.
This tool can be used to break down hashes without the user interface for the Windows Passwords and Encryption.

SorNst3r has released all the levels of the Wormish game
Make money by playing this Wormish game on your windows PC. This Wormish game is easy to play and have great fun, also you can earn gold money by playing this Wormish game. This game is also totally free!
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An important feature of a power utility that is being increasingly requested by customers is the ability to remotely shutdown the computer, to run diagnostics and resolve performance issues. This is especially important if you have to turn off the PC during the night when it is not in use. On the Windows platform, such a feature is not generally available. A power management utility can be either installed on your PC at the factory or as part of a pre-installed system such as the Windows operating system.

Easy Scanner Pro is an all-in-one solution for quickly scanning, converting and cleaning your hard drive. It supports Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/2003, NT/2000/ME/XP, DOS, Windows 7/8, Linux, DOS/Linux, Windows Mobile, Mac, Mac OS X, PalmOS and WebOS.


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