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Record keyboard events in a log file.
KEYMACRO is a command line utility that records all keystrokes into a single text file. You can configure the name of the file that will be created (using the -f switch) and its location. You can also configure the file format (all text or all binary) using the -a switch. Finally, you can also add a prefix to the file name by using the -p switch.
How to use the program:
– To record a series of keystrokes:
KEYMACRO -f keystrokes.log -a binary -p [prefix]
– To verify the correctness of a keyboard map:
KEYMACRO -f keystrokes.log
– To verify that KEYMACRO works:
$KEYMACRO -f keystrokes.log
– To verify that KEYMACRO works:
$KEYMACRO -f keystrokes.log
How to use the LOG file:
The file created by KEYMACRO is a plain text file. The lines of this file are the keystrokes. It is generated when a keystroke is generated (in the middle of a keystroke), not every time a key is pressed (unless you use the -t switch).
Here is an example of a (fake) KEYMACRO log file:
^VK51 70238732e0

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KeyMacro is a software application that allows you to create shortcut keys that are triggered by keyboard shortcuts.
Create a shortcut by using a key combination to trigger a macro. When a shortcut is invoked it will open a dialog box to ask you the name of the macro, where you should use it, if you want to be prompted each time you use the shortcut, and if you want it to be invoked in the foreground or background. When you are happy with the settings, click OK.
KEYMACRO is an ideal tool for those users who know the Keyboard Shortcut command. This software also enables users to create their own shortcuts that can be mapped to any shortcut combination or can be used as a menu button.
KeyMacro is one of the few applications to create shortcuts that can be used anywhere, not only in the desktop environment.
KeyMacro can be used for more than just shortcuts. You can use it to create any type of macro that involves keyboard input.
• Create any type of keyboard shortcut you want.
• Define the number of arguments that the macro accepts.
• Use the existing macros that are included in the software or create new ones.
• You can create as many macros as you want and use them at the same time or you can save them to allow you to use them in other programs.
• Also, you can group macros together for easier access.
• Make a selection with the mouse, press keys or sequences of keys and it will be automatically recorded as a macro.
• You can choose the behavior of the application when it is not in use.
• You can set a maximum delay before the application will start running the macros.
• You can choose whether or not to be prompted each time you run a macro.
• You can choose if the macro will be invoked when it is started or the macro is invoked and then the application restarts.
• You can run macros in the foreground or background.
• You can define the name of the macro and a description of it.
• You can define the location where the macro should be saved.
• You can define the number of times you want the macro to be run.
• You can use any keyboard shortcut to invoke the macro.
• You can define a shortcut key combination.
• You can define a different text to appear in the dialog box.
• You can define the size of the dialog box.
• You can define the size of the title


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