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KeyMACRO solves the problem of MAC spoofing in VoIP. With the MAC address spoofing by a person without physical access (or a recording device), a user can impersonate another legitimate user and get access to another user’s resources. One solution for this problem is to send the legitimate user’s MAC address to the VoIP application. With KeyMACRO you can put a user’s MAC address in your source code. No additional configuration or hardware required.
The DLL runs silently on Windows 2000, XP and Vista. (if installed on the application server). Also, used with Windows 7. (if installed on the application server).
KeyMACRO by default records all conversations that have passed through the interface. It works with Skype, Google Talk, Line To Line, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! and MSN Messenger. It is included with most Skype for Business softphones.
KeyMACRO is an interactive, keyboard-independent, easy-to-use, lightweight MAC addresses manager. With this tool, you can get your MAC address easily, prevent a user from impersonating someone else.
KeyMACRO will not change your current MAC address, but this tool will help you to set a virtual MAC address for you for no extra cost. Just set the virtual MAC address in the KeyMACRO DLL and KeyMACRO will work with that MAC address.
Keeps a list of all MAC addresses recorded and stored in a file.MAC Address comparisons can be performed when multiple users log in simultaneously.
Enables the user to temporarily block his or her MAC address.
Backup and restore the MAC address list with the help of a file.
MAC Address comparison of any MAC address. With the help of this tool, you can easily compare your MAC address with any other MAC address.
Resets the MAC address list to new or default state.
Records all the conversations that pass through the interface.
Application Server Requirements:
MS.NET Framework 2.0
Windows Operating System (Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista)

The Quick PHP Adder Software is a Fast and Easy Program to add for PHP programing Language. It is an Alternative to the CMS Software (Content Management System).
Adder is a PHP add-on that is very useful to programmers in that it allows them to add for their website. This PHP script allows you to add a special 70238732e0

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Neo Reverb is a simple to use and well designed plugin that enables you to add a reverb effect to your audio output in a simple and comprehensive manner.


Cascade is a feature that allows you to simulate the reverberation of the sound by having the sound bounce several times through the reverb effect.
You can select the number of repeats that your sound will bounce.
This is achieved by setting the «Reverb Size» parameter, which is located in the Reverb Controls panel.

True Stereo
Neo Reverb features innovative Cascade True Stereo technology, as well as a modulation system that allows users to reach a new area of dynamic sound.

Neo Reverb allows you to create a soft and spacious sound, with the sound bending and bending more than the traditional mono reverb effects.

The most innovative and flexible features found in Neo Reverb are the modulation system and the IRs (IRs = IR (Impulse Response) Filters).

The IRs are filters that respond to the frequency of the sound.

With IRs you can:

Reverb or not Reverb. The Reverb effect works by adding gain to the sound.
The sound that comes out of the IRs is reflected back. The IRs change the way the sound travels through the reverb effect and that creates a new shape to the sound that you can control with the modulation system.

The IRs are based on the response of the real physical objects that were used to simulate the effect.

IRs have one or more slopes, and by changing the number of slopes, you change the frequency response of the IRs.

There are in total 130 IRs in Neo Reverb that you can use, each one with one or more slopes.

The Reverb effect works by adding gain to the sound.
In the Reverb Controls panel you have 40 Reverb controls that will help you control the IRs that you will use in the modulation system.

Neo Reverb features innovative modulation system that allows you to take your sound to a new level.

You can control the modulated sound with knobs and buttons.

The modulated sound will slowly stop bending as you go farther from the center, until it finally stops bending, with this control system.



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